Karl Bissinger, The Last Third
Photos by Ed Hedemann or Grace Hedemann unless otherwise noted
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1978 1978
Karl in the WRL office.  (Photo: Grace Hedemann) Karl and other WRLers on White House lawn as part of a simultaneous action with other WRLers in Red Square. (Photo: Wide World Photos?) Karl in the middle of the Mobilization for Survival rally at the UN during the Special Session on Disarmament. (Photo: Grace Hedemann)
1979 1985 1986
Blockading the Armed Forces Day parade up Fifth Avenue. (Photo: Grace Hedemann) A WRL NC meeting in Karl's Westbeth apartment. (Photo: Grace Hedemann) Dick Hanley, Grace Hedemann, Karl. (Photo: Ed Hedemann)
1986 1988  
Vicki and Karl  

Coosje van Bruggen, Claes Oldenburg, Karl at the Feb. 1986 minimalist art benefit for WRL in SoHo. (Photo: Ed Hedemann)

WRL Annual Dinner with Vicki Rovere
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)
1986 1986
Karl and Igal
With his Rolleiflex camera and Igal Roodenko.
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)
In his WRL office. (Photo: Ed Hedemann) In is apartment during a WRL meeting.
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)
1985 1983 1986
Blockading the Chilean Consulate.
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)
At a WRL NC meeting in his apartment with Susan Cakars and Sybil Claiborne.
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)
Karl with Dick at Foley Square demonstration protesting the nuclear arms race. (Photo: Ed Hedemann)
In his WRL office cubicle. (Photo: Ed Hedemann)

Allen Ginsberg, Barbara Garson, Karl, Petra Kelly blocking the South African Mission to the UN. (Photo: Grace Hedemann))

At the WRL Annual Dinner. (Photo: Ed Hedemann)
1987 2002 2005
Mayer and Karl Elmer Karl Ralph Karl's book signing
with Mayer Vishner during "Night Out of Time" WRL fundraiser (Photo: Ed Hedemann)
Elmer Maas, Karl, and Ralph at Sept. 11 rally in Washington Square Park (Photo: Ed Hedemann) Book signing for Karl's “The Luminous Years.”
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)


Karl smiling in chair
Karl at his desk (Photo: Ed Hedemann) Receiving WRL Peace Award with Ralph.
(Photo: Ed Hedemann)
Karl's memorial
Some of audience at Karl's memorial on Jan. 29.