September 2008 (click on each photo to enlarge)
Westgate, a few years back
Ruth & Jeremy at Westgate
street view from Westgate
Westgate from a few years ago
looking out from Westgate
view from Westgate
menu reading by candle
“Don't order that!”
Madame Oiseau
restaurant candle
Emily & Jeremy at lunch
chocolate store
and now . . . BLADBEAN
Bladbean, back of house
a tree and its fungus
close-up of fungus
Ruth Jeremy in back yard
tree and parasite
tree fungus

roses in September

neighboring sheep
English breakfast . . . or else
fence and sheep
backyard activities
a main road in Bladbean
Bladbean public works
Ruth Emily on road
"Mud on Road" sign
Lola tempted by pheasant
taking the bait
got it
trophy pheasant
resting on laurels