Norma Becker & War Resisters League
Photos by Ed Hedemann, unless otherwise noted
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1977 1978
WRL News Jan-Feb 1977
Norma at Mobe conf
Norma at WRL NC
WRL News announces Norma as new WRL Chairwoman, 1977.  Norma photo by Brad Lyttle (see  last photo below). Norma during Mobilization for Survival founding conference in Philadelphia, 1977. WRL National Committee meeting in Wilmington, OH, 1978.
1978 1983 1983
Norma with Clark Field
Norma with Kathy Engel Norma speaking at WRL conference in Easton
Clark Field and Norma during WRL NC, Wilmington, 1977. Norma eating (with Kathy Engel remembering) during break at WRL NC meeting in New York, 1983. Norma speaking (Bob Bady listening) at WRL's 60th anniversary conference, Easton, PA, 1983.
1984 1986
Norma holding sign
Norma dancing
Norma speaking outside Federal building in NYC
Demonstrating outside U.S. Mission to UN in protest against U.S. involvement in Central America, NYC, 1983. Norma dancing at WRL NC with Lisa Miller, Nanci Bower, and Sam Diener in Staughton, MA, 1984. Norma speaks (Judy Kowalok holds speaker) to crowd during Hiroshima Day demonstration outside Federal Building in NYC, 1986.
1993 1995 1995
Norma with Jerry Coffin protest banners at Smithsonian Elmer Maas and Norma holding banners
Norma with former WRL staff Jerry Coffin at WRL's 70th anniversary celebration in NYC, 1993. WRLers, including Norma, drop protest banners from Smithsonian Air & Space Museum during Enola Gay 50th anniversary protest in DC, 1995. Detail of Elmer Maas and Norma holding banners from the Air & Space 2nd floor gallery, 1995.
late 1960s
Norma speaking at WRL annual dinner
Norma waving
Norma during softball
Norma speaking at WRL's Annual Dinner and Peace Award, NYC, 1997.

Norma at WRL Annual Dinner and Peace Award ceremony, 2000 .

Norma during softball game at WRL conference in late 1960s. Photo by Brad Lyttle.