Rural, Wisconsin
June 21, 2014

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Ashmun Street Rural Historical Society
Street Sign and Crystal River Rural Historical Society
Margaret Ashmun talk Connie Haack-Hurlbut on Margaret Ashmun
Historical Society

Connie Haack-Hurlbut speaks on Margaret Ashmun

Sam Ashmun House Sam Ashmun home
Sam Ashmun house Sam Ashmun house (side)
Rural store Halfway House
Rural Store Margaret Ashmun lived here (Halfway House)
Dr Jehudi Ashmun grave Dr Jehudi Ashmun house
Dr Jehudi Ashmun grave Dr Jehudi Ashmun house
OB and Eliza Ashmun graves

Orson Branch and Eliza moved from Champlain, New York, to Rural in 1859 to be near their son Jehudi. (The " Liberia" Jehudi was Orson Branch's brother.)

Sam, son of Orson and Eliza, moved there with his wife Jennie in 1874. Sam and Jennie had seven children: Mary, Margaret (the author), Walter, Clifford, Alice, Van (my grandfather) and Louise (in that order).

—Ruth Benn

Orson Branch and Eliza Ashmun grave plots