China 2009
The Shanghai Museum
Considered by some to be the best in all of China

Photos by Ed Hedemann
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The Shanghai Museum, founded in 1952, moved to its current People's Square location with the new building (finished in 1996) designed to look like an ancient Chinese cooking vessel. The galleries include bronze, sculpture, ceramics & porcelain, jade, painting, calligraphy, coins/currency, furniture, Chinese minorities. Below are just a few example from the enormous collection. Unfortunately, the minorities gallery was closed when we visited.
Shanghai Museum
spade coins
    The first coins were invented
in China about 3000 years ago.
This is a 2500-year-old bronze spade (!) coin
sword coins horse hoof coin coins with square holes
Sword coins, also about 2500
years old (not pocket change)
Horse-hoof gold coin about 2000
years old

1000-year-old bronze coins

gold coins paper currency plate for currency
19th century gold coins Paper currency was invented in China more than 1000 years ago. Wooden block used to
print paper currency
Cong people on pot woman with bent arm
A jade cong with man-like
face , 4-5000 years old
  One of Ruth's favorites
demon stepping on child dragon man with pipe
Demon conquers child    
scowling man
wooden buddha head
standing man with belly 1000 buddhas 4 standing figures
  1500-year-old stone stele
with 1000 Buddhas
carved back and front
dog sculpture pot with spikes men and lions
  Spiked punch bowl  
ceramic pot    
Ceramic porcelain originated
in China more than 1500 years ago