NYC Protest of the War in Ukraine (3/5/2022)
Photos by E. Hedemann (click on images to enlarge)

March 5, 2022. Times Square was a noisy and surreal scene of clashing signs, rallies, and opinions on the war in Ukraine, all jammed within 2 or 3 blocks. NYC War Resisters League and other peace groups were there for an antiwar rally but we were surprised to discover two other protests already underway with ours sandwiched between them.

The largest rally — made up of thousands of ethnic Ukrainians — had mixed messages, many saying "end the war” while others calling for NATO to join the fight in order to "close the sky" against Russian aircraft. Virtually all portrayed Putin as the devil/Hitler/Stalin/madman. From time to time, a few pro-war Ukrainians drifted into “our sector” and tried to drown out some of the couple dozen speakers with nationalistic chants or shouted arguments.

In truth, our rally — being a coalition — also had its varied messages, including groups linking their specific organizational program to the war. While all spoke against the fighting, some focused less on Putin and more on NATO (and the United States), a few saying NATO started the war. However, while calling for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations, most speakers did acknowledge NATO/U.S. complicity through arms sales to countries bordering Russia, as well as aggressive recruitment into NATO.

panorama of demonstration against war in Ukraine

180º panoramic collage of the three rallies in Times Square

Disarm the World

Chris Hedges speaking at rally

Chris Hedges speaking at antiwar rally

ethnic Ukrainians demonstrating

one of the two concurrent ethnic Ukrainian rallies

No More War