China 2009
pop. 13 million

Photos by Ed Hedemann
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Beijing, which means "northern capital," was known as Peking when Nanjing ("southern capital") was the capital of China. The city's history — with a variety of names — dates back over 3,000 years but has been the imperial capital, on and off, for some 700 years.
The Summer Palace    
  Field of lotuses Crowds of people on very hot day
street artist green river marble boat
Artist painting with water Lovely green river choked with alge Boat made of marble
Ruth and Jackie paddle boat
Ruth and Jackie on dragon boat to
cross the Summer Palace lake
Paddle boats Pavillion on Longevity Hill
Tai Chi for Tourists    
    Tough move for those above a certain age, weight, or sporting short skirts
ballroom dancing
Young spectators take in spectacle   Meanwhile, the locals (and a couple tourists) try ballroom dancing
The Temple of Heaven    
Temple of Heaven courtyard singing patriotic songs
    Impromptu patriotic singing
musicians card game  
Musicians jamming Not a Chinese card game  
Beijing Zoo Panda Enclosure
Panda Exhibit entrance panda signs panda and sign
Probably the most popular exhibit Pandas who look like Mickey Mouse  
pandas at play
Panda on the move    
Beijing Street Scenes
Beijing traffic bicycle repair
Traffic in downtown Beijing Bicycle repair on the street 3-wheeled taxis with their own lane
mending on the street business on the street inside a store
Mending business on street Life in the hutongs Inside a hutong store
subway entrance Rolex street vendor urinal in fancy restaurant
Entrance to subway Vendor of "Rolex" watches does a
brisk business even at night
Urinal at fancy restaurant
pekingese? 2 in 1 woman with peony hat

Pekingese transport?

Who needs a
double stroller?
Waitress at restaurant entrance;
peony hats very popular in Beijing