China 2009
The Big Eclipse Disappointment

The clouds and rain on 22 July 2009 ruined observations of the total eclipse
Photos by Ed Hedemann (click on photo to enlarge)

The night before the eclipse, we stayed in Jiaxing (about 100 km southwest of Shanghai). Eclipse morning we left the city around 7 am to get to our viewing site at a resort under construction about an hour's drive away, which was positioned near the bay on the centerline to maximize the length of totality (almost 6 minutes) and increase the chances of off shore winds blowing potential cloud cover away. However, that day the winds failed to materialize.
preparing mylar filter peace fashion decision making about where to go
Ruth, in hotel lobby the night before, putting specially-coated mylar film over binoculars in order to view the sun "Peace" fashion in store display window next to Jiaxing Hotel
eclipse morning
Group leaders trying to decide best location to view eclipse, based
on wind direction
intersection street market street market
Intersection traffic in Jiaxing at 7 am Street market (on way to eclipse) Street market
waiting for clouds to clear sun and cloud watching hope fading
Equipment set up at resort spot selected for viewing the eclipse Trying for glimpse of sun through clouds before the eclipse  
8 minutes to totality and still not sun eclipse chaser from Japan
  Just before 10:30 am — 8 minutes before totality — it begins to rain Eclipse chaser from Japan
partial phase through clouds before totality partially eclipse sun peeks through clouds laptop computer during totality
Rare view of sun before totality   TOTALITY: laptop computer only thing visible as clouds and rain obscure a very black eclipse
The day after: Shanghai dailies report on the eclipse
headline the next day Shanghai Daily Oriental Morning Post
Shanghai Morning Post Laodong Daily  
solar eclipse path across China
Shadow & Substance” — an excellent visual representation of the eclipse
A 1994 annular eclipse photo by Ruth (go to page 5 of this Acrobat PDF)
An account by Ed of how he became involved "chasing" solar eclipses homepage