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England, a few random photos
August 2009

Photos by Ed Hedemann
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We went for Emily and Ali's wedding but managed to fit in some other activities.
threatening sky above Canterbury foul sewer cover radiating power lines
Storm clouds over
"Foul Sewer" Radiating power lines
Emily and Ali's apartmetn Megan, Ray, and Ali "Back to Skull" ad in store
Outside Emily & Ali's house Ray framing Megan with cheapo "camera" "Back to Skull" items
in a local pub Emily checking out the menu earring
In an English pub What's for dinner Hoop loop
Sylvia and Jim
Sylvia and Jim   Last word of advice before wedding
dog and RCA logo Angus clipping son's names Ruth reading
His master's voice Angus manicure Ruth catching Mets scores
door knocker alley Vane house
getting directions Ruth picking blueberries in the rain
Where we we?   Picking blueberries in the rain
Dead Slow Children sign seaside stroll crossing the street
"Dead slow children" Seaside stroll  
Ruth eating ice cream cone reflection in glasses

Mummery Fudger
Ice cream break Reflection Mummery & Fudger
Leeds Castle Leeds Castle Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle    
Bruce at top of Leeds maze crowded maze falcon with hood
Bruce on top of the Leeds maze Traffic jam Hooded falcon
low flying raptor over kids
Low flying raptor   Making another pass
hawk in flight hawk in flight
tea break by the sea    
Afternoon tea by the sea