China 2009
Signs in English
English was very common and helpful, if not excellent, on most street signs.
However, some translations were less than helpful, puzzling, or amusing.

Photos by Ed Hedemann
(click on photo to enlarge)

protecting the Great Wall guiding and asking  
insane not allowed  

guardians for senior citizens
The above signs were posted at the entrance to the Great Wall  
protect relic sign halls of "harmony" mental cultivation sign
Signs found in the Forbidden City
blow-act forbidden  
Above: Two items posted on a list of warnings and rules at the entrance to the Great Wall . . . Below: an inscription in our gondola to the Great Wall.  
Clinton rides gondola sign  
health inspection sign how to wash your hands sign stumbling sign
A health inspection sign at the entrance of a Shanghai restaurant gave a less than ringing endorsement This was in the men's — but not the women's — room at a fancy Beijing restaurant Sign at a Xi'an construction
most enjoy sign no nearing sign be a good tourist sign
Advertising at the Pearl Oriental TV tower in Shanghai Sign posted at the entrance to the Forbidden City  
honored prayer hall dead fish from waste run off no touthing
The absence of spaces makes some signs tough to read More signs like this in the U.S. would be helpful


The time is 9:99    
Our bus had a convenient clock that periodically displayed inconvenient times:
it could have been 6:66