China 2009
Visiting the Mutianyu Section of The Great Wall

Photos by Ed Hedemann (unless otherwise noted)
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welcome sign at Great Wall Great Wall cats map of Great Wall
The welcome sign at the exit / entrance to the vendors below the Wall The Great Wall cats Visitors studying a tourist map of this section of the Great Wall
Great Wall rules gondola to the Wall Ruth in Bill Clinton's gondola
Some of the many signs of rules and warnings The gondola ride from the vendor area up to the Wall Ruth in the gondola ridden by Bill Clinton in 1998
approaching the Great Wall American group at Great Wall Ruth on the Wall
From the gondola as we approach the Wall A group of American eclipse chasers with Chinese guide at the Wall Finally, on the Wall at the beginning of our 2-hour hike
Ruth on the Wall
Disappointing for photographers, it's a hazy day but we would have baked if the sun were visible   Just before ascending very steep steps
very steep steps up the Wall
cicada making a racket on the Wall camel at the Wall!
  One of many hard-to-spot cicadas making a racket on the Wall Camel rides at the Great Wall?
Great Wall vendor trying to block Ruth from leaving Ruth and Ed on the Wall  
Vendor tries to prevent Ruth from passing by without buying something At the other end of Ruth's camera.