China 2009
Tian’anmen Square & The Forbidden City
The World’s largest public square & Residence of the Residence of Emperors

Photos by Ed Hedemann
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Tian'anmen Square vendor selling Mao watches Mao watch
Tourists swarm Square on very hot day One of many vendors selling "Rolex" watches, “Gucci” handbags, etc. Mao watch bought in
Tiananmen Square
Ruth taking photo of other tourists Ruth with Mao Chinese tourists pose in front of entrance
Ruth obliging tourists Ruth and Mao the "required" portrait at the entrance
Mao's mausoleum entering The Forbidden City gateway to The Forbidden City

Very long lines (about 2 hours) to file through Mao's mausoleum In the middle of Tian'anmen Square

The main entrance to
The Forbidden City
Entering The Forbidden City
inner courtyard inner courtyard gargoyles
inner courtyard   gargoyles
taking a break street artist emperor's bedroom
taking a break during a very hot day street artist drawing an
unsolicited portrait
the emperor's bedchamber
twisted tree    
a lovely garden tree