Annular Solar Eclipse in Toledo, Ohio
May 10, 1994

Photos by Ed Hedemann and Ruth Benn

We traveled from New York to Toledo to observe the annular eclipse because Toledo was directly on the center path and the chance for a clearer sky was higher there than upstate New York or New England. Despite early morning cloudiness and a few drops of rain, the sky was very clear during the 6 minutes and 8 seconds of annularity, which began at about 1:10 pm (the partial phases began more than hour before).

Toledo_viewers.JPG (46437 bytes) box_observers.JPG (37573 bytes)
Phyliss Benn and Ruth (above) join a festive crowd of hundreds amid cameras and other observing devices set up on the University of Toledo campus next to the observatory. Several people safely observe the progress of the eclipse through homemade projection devices (upper right). The sun displays an extreme crescent shape (right) just before the annular phase. crescent-ring.JPG (6568 bytes)
Mid-eclipse taken with Kodak Gold 400 and 500 f/8 mirror lens with 2x attachment (to create a 1000mm lens).

the_ring.JPG (14345 bytes)

multiphases.JPG (11994 bytes)
Multiple exposures with 50mm lens, taken at roughly 10-minute intervals except for immediately after annularity.
Projection of the annular eclipse through tree leaves on to a nearby sidewalk.

crescent_shadows.JPG (43797 bytes)

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