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Born May 1, 2002 • Adopted June 20, 2002 • Died May 15, 2020

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Weegee in snow at far back fence
Weegee in the front yard
Weegee coming in from front yard
Weegee and the snow
storm of Feb. 26, 2010
Weegee in his front yard
Weegee and his "fort" Weegee in his "fort" with snow all around Weegee on 2nd floor of his "fort"
Weegee coming
in from "fort"
Weegee inside fort
fort penthouse
Weegee on bar stool Weegee paws on counter Weegee sniffing box
Weegee watching our lunch Getting more interested Sniffing a box of crackers
Weegee sniffing cheese   Weegee near computer
Going way too far   November 2009
Weegee sleeping Weegee awaken by photographer  
Trying to sleep, Nov. 2009 Rudely awakened, Nov. 2009  
Weegee as lookout on stoop Weegee and Zorra
Weegee in front of rose bushes
November 2009
LaPorte, IN, May 2009
May 2008

June 2004
         7 weeks (June 2002)

1 year (May 1, 2003)