China 2009
pop. 8 million

Photos by Ed Hedemann
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The 3000-year-old city of Xi'an, located in the western China (about 1400 kilometers from Shanghai), was the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. Over 2000 years ago Xi'an served as the imperial capital of China. Besides the Terracotta soldiers, the city is known for its extensive city wall and gates, which originated with Tang dynasty, 1400 years ago.
The City Wall    
part of original Xi'an wall lanterns on the wall
Ruth stroling along on the 40-foot
high wall that runs 14 kilometers
around the city
A section of the original Tang Dynasty wall at the Hanguang entrance  
kites trashcan on the wall ping pong players at base of wall
Kites, with a 2800-year history in
China, flown above the city wall
A fancy, but battered,
Ping pong players next
to the wall's base
our hotel hotel atrium  
Reflection of our hotel on a mirror-
like building wall across the street
Hotel's central lobby  
The Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Great Wild Goose Pagoda Pagoda against the sky Pagoda against the clouds
The Tang Dynasty pagoda,
originally built 1300 years ago
but severely damaged in a
massive earthquake almost
500 years ago
At 210 feet, this largest temple
in Xi'an was built to house
sacred Buddhist texts brought
back from India
statue of Buddha  
Muslim Quarter and the Great Mosque
man in wheelchair crowded market vendor
Muslim market, which definitely does not cater to foreign tourists (signs are all in Chinese
and no one pestered us to buy anything)
And it was frequently very crowded  
frog vendor Muslim vendor  
Great Mosque of Xi'an gazebo in the mosque inscription above mosque entrance
17th century archway to
1200-year-old Great Mosque
Can you spot the figure lurking in the shadows of the gazebo? For the answer, click here.  
Dinner and Show
floor show eclipse group banner
The women in our group weren't
especially impressed by these sleeves
Though not our eclipse group, there were a lot that descended on China  
The Folk Art Museum
Cultural Revolution Cultural Revolution
The museum displayed a wide
range in styles and mediums
Political art from the 1960s  
Little Red Book shadow puppets flowers
  Shadow puppets  
fancy hat bamboo mask
calligraphy lessons cats and women woman and her dog
A lesson in calligraphy for tourists    
red blossoms