La Serena, Chile

Unless otherwise noted, text and photos by Ed Hedemann (click on photos to enlarge)






lifeguards trailing surfer on beach The main beach in La Serena several hours before totality.
mural about saving the marina Mural about saving La Serena's marine life.
art for the eclipse Art celebrating the total solar eclipse. Photo by Ruth Benn.
dogs asleep on bike path Dogs casually scattered along bike path next to La Serena's beach. Photo by Ruth Benn.
lifeguard station with warning about swimming Pamela, Ruth, Peter next to lifeguard station with a warning.
recycling bins Recycling bins — including one for eclipse glasses ("lentes") — set up along the beach. Photo by Ruth Benn.
Ruth photographing on beach

JULY 2, 10:16 AM

While Ed was photographing Ruth, who was aiming her camera down the beach, little did he know that ....

Peter photographing Ed and Ruth photographing ... at the same moment Peter took this photo of Ruth and Ed photographing each other ...
Ruth and Ed photographing each other ... while Pamela took a similar shot, catching the edge of Peter's hat, as surfers walked on by.
photographing Ed Pamela and Peter photographing

And here's the photo Ruth took of Ed, Pamela, and Peter photographing her.

That section of the beach at 10:16 am was well documented.

Ed Peter and Pamela in La Serena apartment Ed, Peter, and Pamela trying to keep warm (it is winter, after all) in our La Serena apartment the morning after the eclipse before driving back to Santiago. Photo by Ruth Benn. • ehedemann (at)