A War Tax Resister and the IRS
United States v. Ed Hedemann

The 1999 Dept. of Justice/IRS Court Case

The Mar. 5, 1999 Brooklyn Anti-Militarism Walk & Court Hearing

The Collection Process — Details of the late-1990s IRS Efforts
(based on IRS files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act)

History of IRS Court Actions and Seizures Against War Tax Resisters

NEW IRS EFFORT: In Sept. 2007 the IRS assigned an ATAT (“Abusive Tax Avoidance Transaction”) agent to try to collect from Ed. ATAT agents seem to specialize in what the IRS calls “tax protesters,” people promoting scams or pushing schemes to avoid taxes. They seem unable (or unwilling) to make a distinction between principled refusal to pay for war and those seeking to avoid taxes or make claims that taxation is illegal. This case was closed June 2008.

STATUS OF 1999 CASE: The U.S. Dept. of Justice closed the case July 2, 2001.

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