The Eclipse Chasers & Tuaregs of Niger
March 2006

The Eclipse
The Eclipse Camp
Paris (before Niger)
The Desert and Dunes
Sights in Niger
Eclipse Chasers & Tuaregs
The Camping Scene

Photos by Ruth and Ed, unless otherwise noted



Kareem (our cook), Ruth, Ed, Adam (our driver), Bre on the day before we leave in Agadez

Our subgroup of 15 celebrating atop a dune after the eclipse.
Photo by Charlie
Silhouettes atop the same dune 
Our subgroup caravan of six 4x4s 
Adam atop "our" car trying to spot the rest of the group  
Wodaabe tribesmen singing and dancing at an Agadez restaurant 
Short video of Wodaabe (left) 

Camel trotted out for eclipse chasers to photograph for "cadeaux"

Truck overloaded with illegal immigrants returning home from jobs in Libya 
Camels at the airport in Agadez 
Ed and Bre during our first day in Agadez 

Ruth atop a dune

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