The Sights of Niger
March 2006

The Eclipse
The Eclipse Camp
Paris (before Niger)
The Desert and Dunes
Sights in Niger
Eclipse Chasers & Tuaregs
The Camping Scene

The largest city in northern Niger (pop. 70,000), lies in the Sahara and is the capital of Ar, one of the traditional Tuareg federations. Founded before the 14th century, the city is vital for trans-Saharan trade, in particular bringing salt from Bilma.
The 60-foot high Grand Mosque, the iconic structure of Agadez. Ed regaining shoes after leaving the Mosque. 
Agadez streets as seen from the top of the Grand Mosque 
Entrance of our Libyan-owned hotel, and the houses beyond. 
View of rooms from hotel courtyard 
Some old-style street traffic 
Agadez's fanciest restaurant for our last night in Niger 
Short Sightseeing Stops in the Desert
Tiguidit Cliffs. On our first day into the desert, we stop to look at prehistoric rock paintings, supposedly thousands of years old (below) 

Ed at the monument to Arbre du Ténéré,
once a lonely tree in the desert before
being knocked down by truck driver in '70s
FACHI. A desert oasis town, known for its salt-making factory 

Overview of the saline ponds


Each of these ponds is worked by a family 
Salt of two different qualities (one for people and the other for animals) is scooped and dried 
The dried salt is then formed intoconical-shaped pillars to facilitate easy transport across the desert 
Ed photographing a petrified tree trunk 
A tiny, but very popular, oasis
featuring a well
Pulling water from the well 
A local woman tends another, more primative well 
Someone (a camel?) who didn't make it to an oasis 
Very weathered bone with soft-issue still attached 

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