The Feb. 26, 1998 Solar Eclipse
Additional Photos from Maracaibo, Venezuela

These three photos were taken with a 500mm f/8 mirror lens and a 2x extender.

Crescent phase photographed with aluminized filter that reduces the light 100,000 times.

Last moment before totality. Photo taken at 1/2000 of a second and no filter.

Inner corona of sun. Shutter speed about 1/125 sec.


Beth & Ruth.JPG (24813 bytes)

Beth Yule and Ruth after totality at Ft. Mara.

Roger setup.JPG (27049 bytes)

Ed (in sunhat) watching veteran eclipse chaser
Roger Tuthill setting up equipment before totality.

eclipse site.JPG (20682 bytes)

Ruth observing partial phases before totality.
Equipment on tripod being protected from sun by sheet.

eclipse & horizon.JPG (12718 bytes)

Totality and foreground taken with a 24mm lens.

crescent shadows.JPG (7623 bytes)

Ed's fingers showing projection of crescent sun images.


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