Solar Eclipse in the Sahara
March 29, 2006

The Eclipse
The Eclipse Camp
Paris (before Niger)
The Desert and Dunes
Sights in Niger
Eclipse Chasers & Tuaregs
The Camping Scene

Eclipses of the 1990s
Ruth and Ed with friend Bre flew to Agadez, Niger, then drove 400 miles in a caravan
to Bilma in the middle of the Sahara Desert to view the total eclipse of the sun,
which lasted 4 min. and 5 sec.

The eclipse path
across Africa is in grey

Detail of our
400-mile route from Agadez to Bilma-Dirkou

Live Webcast of the Eclipse
The SF Exploratorium and NASA produced a live Webcast of the eclipse
from Turkey (to view, click on link above)

Current temperatures in Bilma, Niger (near where we saw the eclipse)

A 1994 annular eclipse photo by Ruth (go to page 5 of this Acrobat PDF)

An account by Ed of how he became involved "chasing" solar eclipses


Eclipses of the 1990s

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